About Us

Organizational Profile

The African Centre for International Development (ACFID) is a non-political, non-government, international organization whose principle activities are training, consulting, research and management and technological development which are conducted mainly in Africa. The centre is located in Mbabane , Swaziland in the Southern Africa sub-region. ACFID conducts business activities throughout Anglophone and lusophone countries in Africa.

Our Mission
ACFID will provide training, consultancy and management and technological development services aimed at improving the performance of people and organizations towards achieving defined goal and aspiration, throughout Africa. It will achieve this mandate through:

International competitive quality post-experience training programmes:
Locally sensitive outreach development activities.
Provision of impartial consultancy and technical assistance to organizations and governments.
Conducting results-oriented research and studies for clients.
Publish the findings of research and studies.
Providing effective management and technological development services to clients.
Arranging professional visits and study-tours to places learning

Main Activities of The Organization

Development training
Management and technological training
Outreach (In-country) training
In-house (i.e. in-company) training (Short courses)
International study-tours
Research and studies
Supply of Technical Assistants and short-term consultants
Monitoring and evaluation of projects

Methods Used For Information Dissemination

Participative (Experiential) training
International open residential courses
Tailor made short courses
Outreach (In-country) courses notes
Publication dissemination
Course note and training materials
Consultancy reports
Research and studies reports

Geographical Area of Operation
Africa as a whole- (Anglophone, Francophone and lusophone Portuguese speaking) Africa

ACFID– Consultancy Services (ACFID Consultants)

ACFID consultancy, the consulting division of the management and Technological development centre for Africa, provides technical assistance and undertakes consultancies in management and technological development process, drawing upon a rich roster of experienced regional and international specialists.

ACFID Consults Mission
Providing direct technical support services to organizations.
Providing process consultation and organizational development (OD).
Assisting clients to implement solutions to diagnosed organizational problem.
Conducting regular monitoring and evaluation of project activities on behalf of clients.
Providing tailor-made training interventions to close gaps identified in people and organization systems.
Using its experienced staff and affiliates drawn from a worldwide network to assist clients solve their problems.

Approach To Consulting

ACFID Consults has developed a unique approach that provides our clients with:

Ensured confidentiality.
Follow-up services.
Client participation in finding solutions.
Regular consultations with clients to ensure the relevance of projects to client Needs.
Reasonable fees.

Our Staff

ACFID staff members and associates have disciplinary background in management, human resources management, Technological development studies, public add instruction, finance, economic, training, policy analysis, Agriculture and Rural development, Forestry, Water, environmental studies, Extension, Monitoring, Gender training, Personnel management, Industry relations, Business development and Computer facilitation.

All members of staff and associates have long standing working experience in numerous countries in Africa. Our staff seeks to combine closeness to the world of practice with critical insights from the world of theory. We can draw upon the experience of other professional colleagues in management development institutes and the business community at very short notice, in a wide-ranging links and global network. We settle for only good staff and consultants who are able to stand with their feet on the ground and possess very solid backgrounds in Commerce, Technological development issues and industrial management.